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What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, is a common skin concern where patches of skin appear darker than the surrounding skin.

These patches are caused by excess melanin production in the skin, which can be the result of many different factors – such as UV exposure, ageing, or hormonal changes.

As such, there are several different types of pigmentation (for example, melasma, sunspots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), so it’s worth narrowing down the cause so you can treat it in the most effective way possible.

How we can treat your pigmentation

You’ll need to visit our clinic for an initial consultation. During this 15-30 minute session, we’ll discuss your medical history, as well as any lifestyle factors which may contribute to your skin’s condition.

From there, we’ll formulate a unique treatment plan, tailored specifically for your skin’s health. We may suggest one of our chemical peels, if the pigmentation is superficial. If it’s penetrated more layers of your skin, we’ll recommend one of our laser therapies.

At the end of the session, we’ll give you a pack to take home. You can book a session while you’re at the clinic, or you can take your time and think about what you think you’ll work best. After all, you know your skin, and we know the science of skin.


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