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Full Face Threading

Are you irritated by unwanted facial hair and want to remove them? Facial hair can be very unpleasant, especially for women. Although many hair removal creams are available in the market, since most of these products contain chemicals in them, people prefer to use natural ways to remove facial hair. Threading is regarded as the best alternative to waxing or plucking to remove facial hair. So, if you want those desired eyebrows and enhance your look, then Full Face Threading might be the best solution for you.

Full face threading covers all parts of the face. This includes eyebrows, chin, chicks, neck, upper lip, forehead etc. Threading is a fast and precise treatment that finally gives you a peach fuzz-free face and the perfectly shaped eyebrows that you’ve always desired. In addition to removing unwanted facial hair, threading gives an extra level of smoothness to your skin for up to six weeks.

Benefits of Full Face Threading?

  1. Minimum chances of redness or irritation
  2. Hair doesn’t grow back fast.
  3. Prevents production of thicker hair
  4. Reduced breakouts
  5. It gives you a smooth and hair-free skin

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