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BB Glow

The art of permanent makeup has also been around for a while.  The upside is always looking your best with little to no effort, and the downside is an irreversible blemish.  Two areas, eye-liner and lips, were initially most popular, but now brows are all the rage.  Microblading, in the right hands, enables depositing pigment in super fine lines, thus creating the impression of a real hair. 

BB Glow Benefits

The allure in this case is waking up all year round with a naturally glowing, smooth complexion without having to apply foundation.  Immediate benefits are touted as saving time and money.  No more smudges or need for touch-up after a rough day in the world.  An added benefit from the microneedling aspect is collagen induction to smooth out wrinkles and tighten pores. 

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